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HR Payroll System

Hr and Payroll System

Online HR payroll system

Are you in search for the best Online Payroll System?

We have an elaborate online browser based HR and payroll software to manage daily HR operation and functions on the system.

On the Attendance Leave management HR system, the employee self-service (ESS) module helps each of the employees to see their own pay slips, view their own details updated on the system, apply for leaves or loans, can view his own attendance and overtime, late-in and early-out details. The employee can see company related policy and procedural documents on the web ess access.

The line managers will be able to approve the leaves from his or her ESS employee access as per his user rights on the HRMS Middle East Software.

HR payroll software has very user-friendly menu and helps to track all allowances, deductions, attendance, leaves, loans, payroll, indemnity or gratuity and more. All the HR related daily transactions can be recorded and reports can be generated on the Online cloud hr Payroll system.


HR system for small business

Are you looking for an Online HR PAYROLL system Saudi Arabia?

  • Your HR team can have your monthly payroll processed on the system.
  • They can ensure that the attendance are considered as per the cut of dates and
  • The employee can apply for the leaves taken and they can the approved by the line managers on the Employee Self Service Module of the HR system.
  • The approval work flows for various kind of requests can be accounted on the online Payroll system.
  • Penalties can be recorded on the system as deductions and bonus allowances can be considered as an allowance to be considered for the monthly payroll process.
  • The HR team can ensure that the monthly payroll is processed as per the process at the correct cut of dates.
  • Based on the roasters set on the system, the overtime, Late-in and early-out scenarios can be discussed with managers to decide and approval for the overtime can be entered as an allowance and deductions for the late-in or early-out cases can be accounted on the system.
  • Based on the leave rule set, the team can see the leave accrual balances and from those balances, the actual leaves taken will be deducted automatically on the HR and Payroll system.
  • GOSI monthly deductions can be set as per the rules set on the HRMS Middle East Software Company system and the monthly GOSI reports can be generated from the system, which will help to submit to the government. Your PRO agent can submit the GOSI Report and the necessary GOSI payments on behalf of your companies authorized person on the government online GOSI Portal.
  • Renewal reminders for documents can be set for months before the expiry on the Cloud HRMS system Dubai. So these reminders will help for all employee and company related documents to be renewed at correct time. The renewal of documents well in advance will avoid all the kind of penalties which could be applicable.


HR Team - Improving workplace productivity
HR Team – Improving workplace productivity


A cloud based HR and Payroll system promoted by Joinet Solutions which is compliant to all labour laws in the MINA region.

 Some of the key features of the HRMS system

  • Browser based HRMS application accessible on any web browser like Mozilla Firfox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and others.
  • Interface Label and Module heading displayed in English can be switched to Arabic
  • A user-friendly system to track Employee Attendance and compare the actual punches to the shift set on the system. And accordingly late-in, early-out and overtime can be automatically calculated by the system.
  • Leave and Loan can be managed and tracked systematically with their respective approval work flows on the system
  • Multiple Allowances and Deductions can be accounted along with each Payroll processed
  • The employee can himself access the ESS Module (Employee Self Service) of the HR and Payroll Software by their respective user id and password.
  • He can apply for leaves, loans, advances, and see his own pay slips after the payroll is published
  • Document management will take care of the expiry reminder of passport, visa, Iqama card expiry (residence permit in Saudi Arabia), company licenses, driving licenses and the other documents. The reminder of the expiry of the document is shown on dashboard and/or by email notifications to the HR and other user’s outlook inbox.


Mobile applications for both Android and iOS can be bought separately for accessing employee information

  • Configuring the biometric /MICR / RFID attendance machine to our attendance module on the HRMS system.
  • Recruitment modules can be mapped to the client’s website domain and the employee resumes can flow into the HRMS Middle East Software. According to the job openings, candidates can be short listed.
  • The HRMS system helps the HR with the documentation stages from the time an employee gets on-boards to his monthly payroll and till his final retirement and his other settlements. All the employee details like department, designation, his email address and other information can be entered on our HR and Payroll Software.


Workflows are available on the HR & Payroll system. We can have four levels of approval on each of the following requests.

  • Each of the requests has to go through the approval flow in an order wise, i.e. the skipping of levels on the approval workflow is not allowed as per the workflow structure designed. That is if a request is gone to the APPROVAL AUTHORITY, which is the second level. He has to approve/reject the request, before going to the next level.
  • One is the REPORT TO (Line Manager)
  • Second is the APPROVAL AUTHORITY (marked under the employee master as the 2nd level of approval).
  • The third is the HR (employee marked as the HR under the employee master) by default, who would get the request at the third level. He or she, who is marked as an HR, would have the admin rights to enter a penalty, against the employee for the particular absence or leave, etc.
  • Fourth level of approval can be a director/management that gets the requests for the approval of the particular requests.
  • All assets issued to an employee, his salary progression, his air ticket eligibility to his actual air tickets taken, etc are tracked
  • All the local labour laws can be configured for the all the GCC and the other MENA regions.
  • work permit /employment visa, driving licenses, passport and other documents expiry can be automatically alerted on the dashboard or email addresses or even an SMS
  • Probation extension / confirmation and employee transfer from one branch to another branch or between companies are possible on our HR and Payroll Software.
  • Grade wise benefits can be set on the HRMS system and they can be mapped to an employee.
  • Each salary progressions needs to be entered as a new entry on the HR & Payroll system.
  • Before the payroll is processed, the allowances or deductions applicable for the month for each employee need to be also processed.
  • Loan and leave for each employee for the month need to be also processed on the Online HR payroll system.
  • If you have multiple branches in UAE, then on our HR and Payroll Software, each of the branches can be processed separately. This would be the same situation when the branches are in other GCC countries, like Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman or Saudi Arabia. Separate payroll and HR systems can be maintained on the HRMS system for each of the countries. Also our HRMS system is compliant to all the labour laws applicable for each countries.

Once the payroll is processed, we can discuss about having the payroll details based on the cost-centers flow into the ERP system. The allowance earnings and the deductions are mapped to cost centers/account heads on the Online HR payroll system. Completely automated or semi-automated workflows are possible and we can propose a solution after discussing the integration requirement. Therefore, each of the costs can flow into the respective General Ledger / Subsidiary Ledger accounting codes under your ERP system.


Contract review by HR Team
Contract review by HR Team